PLIEGO (Murcia)

Pliego is included in the natural region of the Mula Basin, located in the central part of the Region of Murcia. It constitutes a geographical unit formed by a Miocene basin drained by the Mula River and its tributary the Pliego. The Term, embedded within that of Mula, is located northwest of Sierra Espuña, occupying its 29.4 km2 of extension the northern foothills of the massif and the plain of the Pliego river that runs to the west.

It is a rugged territory in its eastern part with deep ravines and numerous mountainous elevations that exceed 500 m. altitude, such as Alto de la Muela (504 m.), Cairel (601 m.), Alto de Almoloya (561 m.), while the western half is characterized by rich plains that extend towards the right bank of the Pliego River .

Pliego enjoys a warm Mediterranean-type climate with a tendency to aridity due to the severe summer drought and considerable thermal amplitude.

The Pleguera region offers varied landscape environments thanks to its relief, crops and natural vegetation.

Likewise, the Municipality has large forest areas (40% of the total area) located on the northern slopes of the Sierra Espuña Natural Park, one of the wildest and most beautiful places in the Region, where we can contemplate the forest's own vegetation Mediterranean dominated by pine forests (Pinus halepensis), xerophilous shrubs (esparto, wild asparagus, cambrón), and aromatic plants (rosemary, thyme, lavender), etc.

There is a camping area next to the town, at the foot of Sierra Espuña, and, within it, a Forest House converted into a Shelter, with equipment for groups.

Pliego, due to its location, is a privileged place for practicing mountain sports, such as hiking, climbing, mountain bike routes and caving. There are several chasms for lovers of this sport, only suitable for already experienced initiates, since their access is difficult and very dangerous for the uninitiated.

In Pliego we have the Pliego Espuña Club, whose main activity is climbing and caving, although they have incorporated new sports such as paragliding and canoeing. This club is made up of a group of restless people, lovers of nature.